Interpol no longer subject to U.S. Constitution

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Interpol logoThe head of a civil liberties organization is concerned about an executive order signed by President Obama last month which allows an international law enforcement agency to have jurisdiction in the United States without being subject to the U.S. Constitution.
In June 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12425, recognizing the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) as an international organization with certain privileges and immunities afforded to diplomats. But Reagan structured his executive order to ensure that Interpol — like every other law enforcement agency in the United States — was accountable to the rule of law.

John Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute, explains that President Obama recently issued a new executive order that amends Reagan’s and establishes Interpol as an self-ruling police agency within the U.S.

John Whitehead  (Rutherford)“The president of the United States is creating an autonomous international police force on American soil that’s not subject to our Constitution,” says Whitehead.

“What this means is that Interpol, if they want to — and we don’t know if they will or not — can do police activities against American citizens; they can investigate American citizens,” he continues. “But again, they’re not subject to the Constitution. So the entire concept of rule of law breaks down.”

Whitehead says when the White House issued its amended executive order on December 17, 2009, it issued no press release and thus generated little media attention. The attorney argues that if President George W. Bush had attempted a similar move one week before Christmas, he would have and should have been soundly blasted by the media. Whitehead says even the “normally pro-Obama” American Civil Liberties Union has recently condemned his record on civil liberties.


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