Can Obama Sign an Executive Order to Supersede the Will of the People? : WesternFront America

Can Obama Sign an Executive Order to Supersede the Will of the People?

obama-finger Barack Hussein Obama’s (I am not an ideologue) agenda is crumbling, flailing, stalling. Perhaps the public didn’t get the memo from Obama and the administration that it’s not the agenda, it’s the approach and the message. The new end-around the public perhaps will be Obama executing executive orders over and around the American people’s will. Rahm Emmanuel this week was quoted as saying that the executive orders will “get the job done across a front of issues.”
Excuse me? Essentially, instead of listening to the will of the people, the next plan of attack to rescue a floundering agenda is to sneak in legislative goals and aims through the (un)checked and (un)balanced executive order process? I read earlier this morning as well in the New York Times that this approach may be used to herald in wildly unpopular (not the wording that the NYT used) initiatives, cap and trade, piece by piece; for instance.
As the executive order proclivity of George W. Bush was something that Obama railed against on the campaign trail, (along with transparency) we can find that this may be yet another grand scale betrayal of campaign promises and trust. Thus, when the American people become privy of this approach through alternative media, I can only imagine that the level of distrust, anger and resentment on Main Street will increase exponentially. Recall that recent polling shows that 3/4 of Americans are unhappy with our government.
Another grand scale betrayal from Obama and company – you can sign an executive order on that.


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