Obama’s ‘war’ against senior citizens

Chris Woodward – OneNewsNow – 9/21/2010 3:50:00 AM
A political commentator thinks President Obama is waging a war on America’s seniors.

Peter Ferrara, a policy advisor at The Heartland Institute, recently wrote the column “Obama’s War on America’s Seniors.” He explains there are two fronts: Medicare and Social Security.

“Over the first ten years of full implementation of ObamaCare, they [plan to] cut Medicare by over one trillion dollars. Over the first full 20 years, they [plan to] cut Medicare by nearly five trillion dollars. These are cuts for current retirees; these aren’t cuts for only people who retire in the future,” Ferrara points out. “The Medicare actuary has already said publicly that two-thirds of hospitals already lose money on services to Medicare patients, even before these cuts. How much are they going to be losing after they cut five trillion dollars?”

The Heartland spokesman compares it to a national defense policy where funding is cut off for the people who make the weapons, but the dealers think everything will continue as normal.

“If they’re not going to pay the doctors and hospitals, then senior citizens are not going to get the services that they’ve come to expect,” the policy advisor notes. “[Doctors] who specialize in serving senior citizens will just go out of business.”

He suspects the Obama administration now has its sights on Social Security. But because the president is against raising taxes or investing in personal accounts, Ferrara warns that could only lead to cutting Social Security. He further adds that the Presidential Debt Commission is discussing cuts and plans to make an announcement after the mid-term election.


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