The coming storm…

There is a perfect storm that is coming. I suspect that one day soon, if we fail to take control of our rogue government and set things right, we will watch as all TV stations display a test patter and then go to the Rose Garden and the President will walk to a podium and announce that the economy has utterly collapsed. On all stations, he will tell us that the banks have closed. Bring out your guns, your gold and your silver to the front porch for immediate confiscation. Remain indoors until further notice. We will be issuing a new currency (whatever it may be, Amero-Dollar or perhaps the Phoenix Dollar which was displayed on the front page of the Economist Magazine in – 1984) and our government will now capitulate to the North American Union (or whatever other form they will conjur up) and the UN is sending troops to enforce the current state of Martial Law.

I do not mean to try and peddle fear. However, the powers-that-be have clearly been attacking our Constitution for a very long time. Our senators are now elected instead of being appointed by their respective state governments, thanks to the 17th amendment. This made them easier to purchase by the global elite. The Patriot Act, written during Bill Clinton’s first term, has morphed into a great monster. The Health Care Bill had nothing to do with Health Care – it was all about taxation and control. It is blatantly unconstitutional. Go and read the commerce clause in the Constitution. It is short and sweet and nowhere does it say that our government can make us buy anything. Yet, they have done just that. And we, the Sheople submit and comply.

And my point is that we just keep taking it. The big banks, the multinational corporations and the military industrial complex call the shots. All of the dreaded “isms” have given birth to the new Corporatism. The Constitution hangs in tattered shreds. We are beaten into submission on a daily basis by the main stream media that whistles up its monsters of fear and doom unless we comply, comply comply. All is lost. If we don’t give the Banksters what they want, all that we have will crumble and the world will cease to exist. Well – so be it. I mean, what do you do when a tornado or hurricane has its way with you? You come out, roll up your sleeves, work together and rebuild.

Some would say, where is Robespierre and his Guillotine-to-Go when we need him? Remember that the pendulum rarely reaches an equilibrium that we can deal with. I suspect that if the “Too-Big-To-Fails” were allowed to fail and the Rats jump ship (the easier to identify them and round them up), there would be turmoil. Your favorite brand of Suds may not be available and you may have to become resourceful. Indeed, over seven milion or more starved to death in the last Great Depression. And starting another war is no answer. We have been hit with so many “lefts” that we are begging for a “right.” We are going to have to endure our lumps, fight back and and take some more. No one ever said it would be easy. Our lives, our liberty, our Constitution, and our country demand that we stand up and set things to rights. To refer to Louis Lamour: you (meaning all of us) saddled this bronc – let’s see if you can ride him.

And can we? Our Founding Fathers warned us that we were given a Republic, if we can keep it. This was never intended to be a democracy. Remember, the Republic protects the poor lamb at the dinner table of wolves. Her unalienable rights can never be taken and she is safe. No lien can be attached to her rights and they are heald sacred in the Bill of Rights. So do not be fearful of the mainstream media and their controlled release of reality. Make no mistake – we are in for the fight of our lives and this journey begins with the first step. Pull the plug on the Too-Big-To-Fails, deny them their illegal foreclosures, make them belly-up to the bar and face Judge Roy Bean – the sooner, the better.


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