Let Curry Todd know you support him!

State Rep. Curry Todd, from right here in the Memphis area, continues to come under fire from an ungodly bunch of illegal aliens and their advocates, homosexuals, Judeo-Christians, black radicals, and liberal whites. Even Tennessee’s Head Liberal In Charge, Governor Phil Bredesen, has denounced Rep. Todd for his remarks about illegals being encouraged to multiply like rats when we not only give them free prenatal care, but pass laws saying welfare workers can’t even ask them if they’re in the country legally.

First off, when did liberals suddenly get so excited about what they normally refer to as “fetal tissue”, or a “fetus”? The black welfare worker Rep. Todd made the remark to used the term “unborn babies” and Gov. Bredesen calls them “children.” So when liberals are encouraging white Americans to get abortions, it’s “fetal tissue”, but when illegal aliens are breeding like rats on the taxpayer’s dime it’s an “unborn baby.”

Let’s hope Rep. Todd continues to defy the the mounting pressure to grovel to our invaders and issue an apology.

The local Memphis paper demanding an apology from Rep. Todd? That’s really rich. Did they demand an apology from Tennessee’s The University of the South for hosting Tim Wise, the Jewish hatemonger whose recent attack on white people was a thousand times more offensive than what Curry Todd said? No, they did not. The paper isn’t upset that Rep. Todd’s language is “negative” or “hurtful”; if they were they would have denounced The University of the South for hosting Wise. No, they’re mad because Curry Todd’s statement might wake white people up to the fact they’re being dispossessed of their own country, being turned into a minority via illegal immigration. And not only being turned into a minority in our own homeland, but being forced to pay for it, to boot.

That’s what all these groups are mad about. Like Tim Wise, they know that their victory over the hated white man is so close they can taste it. All they need is just a few more years of unhampered illegal immigration, and they can turn all of America into California. But people like Curry Todd pointing out what’s going on might upset the apple cart by waking those evil honkies up. So he has to be made an example of.

In 1970, the Hispanic population of California was around 10%; probably a bit less. White people made up 80% of the population. Now white people are 42% of the population, while Hispanics are 37%, and the white numbers are dropping fast, and the Hispanic numbers just keep rising. 48% of all births in California are to Hispanic women; over half of those women were born outside the US. Hispanics are now the majority in California’s public schools.

If you had told white Californians back in 1970 that in just 40 years they would be a minority in their own state, and that in 50 years they would make up only a third of the population, they would have laughed in your face, and told you that was impossible. We know they would’ve, because a few years later, that’s what they did. David Duke was the first to raise awareness of the illegal immigration problem in California, starting way back around 1978. He told them that if they didn’t do something, and do it soon, in a few decades they would be a minority in their own state. Did they listen to David Duke? No, they did not. They called him a racist and lots of other vile names, said he was crazy, and then went back to living “the good life.” Now they’re a minority in their own state, becoming a smaller percentage every day, their schools are now ranked 50th in the nation (they used to rank near the top), and the state is broke, with an annual deficit of $20-25 billion, because they’re trying to fund a first world system from the income taxes of a third world population of lawn mowers, strawberry pickers, dishwashers and construction workers. Now their own children are threatened with violence for having an American flag on their bike, or for wearing an American flag t-shirt.

What they did to California in just 40 years is what they want to do to the entire country. And they’re well on their way to accomplishing it. People like Curry Todd are a fly in the ointment, though. He can’t be allowed to wake people up. If he does, then illegals won’t be able to do what they did out west, breed like rats on the taxpayers dime, become the majority, and then threaten white kids for having an American flag on their bikes or shirts.

It’s important that Rep. Curry Todd not back down. Let him know you support him! Call his office at (615) 741-1866 and tell him he has nothing to apologize for and that you support him 100 percent. You can also send him a fax at (615) 532-8221.


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