Obama and Alice Palmer

Palmer was Ken Rolling’s partner at Citizen Action, also had ties to the Midwest Academy, and became a state senator in Illinois. Ah, but not just ANY state senator. The state senator who handpicked Obama to be her successor. Why is this relevant?

Because, as Kurtz reveals, Palmer “was a hard Marxist”:

“…for several years, Palmer edited an opinion magazine called New Deliberations that was obviously socialist in character (sample article title: Socialism Is the Only Way Forward). Obama critic David Freddoso has already reported Palmer’s attendance in 1986 at the Twenty-seventh Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, followed by her praise of the USSR and criticism of the United States in the Communist People’s Daily World. Palmer’s papers are filled with similar material—an engraved invitation to the first anniversary celebration of the Marxist revolution in Grenada, for example. It is, of course, both disturbing and revealing that Palmer had originally hand-picked Obama as her successor after lengthy consultations with the future president.”

Disturbing, to say the least. And you know where she announced Obama as her hand-picked successor? At that much downplayed (by Team Obama) meeting at the home of Bill Ayers and his fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn.

What if, back in the summer of ’08, Newsgirl Couric, for example, had taken it into her empty little head to do a little digging on THIS issue rather than snarking about what magazines Sarah Palin was reading? Certainly would have been nice to have someone connect the dots between a Soviet-loving Communist and our Democratic candidate, no?


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