Obama and Ken Rolling

Rolling’s a hard-lefty with religious credentials – a master’s degree in theology. As Kurtz points out, American socialism today relies heavily the Catholic Left, in particular, and Rolling has close ties to that movement. He also has multiple ties to Obama through foundations where they worked together (along with Bill Ayers), and worked with our president in his younger days on so-called school reform, which as Kurtz meticulously details, is really just another Leftist code phrase for taking control of institutions from the grassroots level up. (Plus side: They did want to take school control away from teacher unions. Minus side: They wanted to give control to “community” groups like ACORN!) What’s more, as an administrator for the “we never heard of it before but certainly should have” socialist Midwest Academy, he was able to funnel a great deal of money to Obama’s “community organizing” causes, including “school reform.”

As Kurtz reports, the socialist sympathies of this longtime ally of Obama are crystal clear. Representing the Midwest Academy and a related group called Citizen Action, Rolling visited Nicaragua in the eighties to support the Marxist Sandinista regime, which his organization idealized as “neighborhood democracy” in action – and invited Sandinista leader Milagros Leyton to speak to his groups in the United States in 1985. Rolling even put Leyton up in his own home. Bear in mind, history has proven that this bunch was both brutal and bloodthirsty, as even the New York Times was forced to admit some years later.

Rolling has one more big claim to fame, far more recently. Back in the summer of 2008, when author Kurtz was already trying to do the job of the MSM, he attempted to examine records from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, another Left-leaning foundation headed by Obama and Ayers. Kurtz was repeatedly assured by officials at the University of Illinois Chicago Library, where the records were housed, that he would be allowed access. However, just before he boarded a flight to Chicago, top library officials intervened to bar his access. Kurtz was forced to undertake another investigation, simply to uncover what had happened to make them change their minds. Using, among other things, Freedom of Information Act requests, he was able to piece together the story, and Ken Rolling was at the center of it. Rolling apparently chose the day Kurtz was going to arrive to begin a series of legal claims to withdraw the records from university control.

A coincidence? I think not.

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