Well said comment about our Chinese "partners"

Comment by Gregory Kyle 6 hours ago

The Chinese will never be able to govern the world like the west because they lack the cultural infrastructure. They are racist and fiercely protective of their culture and identity. They have the mentality that it is their way or the highway: They are super-nationalists. Though I used the term “racist”, it was not meant in the negative sense that word usually evokes.

Mainland Chinese prefer to marry their own as opposed to ‘outlanders’. They prefer anything labeled “Chinese” to be made, or run, by the Chinese people. Due to this entrenched nationalism and the racism it spawns, combined with their insular culture, they would be an ineffective ‘world ruler’. Their centralized command structure is great for a single nation so accustomed thereto, but woefully inadequate for the governance of a very diverse planet.

Indeed, if the western world were to relax it’s increasingly confiscatory economic policies; facilitating the return of its industries, China would fall like a big, fat, slothful dragon. Their lack of freedom and individual liberties renders them wholly dependent upon the theft of others’ achievements.

However, stability is an ideal concept which they seem to manage nicely in their own country, but hardly pragmatic in today’s world. Indeed, the rest of the world will not long tolerate such authoritarianism. China will ascend a bit longer before they reach their zenith. After that, their fall will be even greater than America’s. Their stop at the top will be a lot shorter than ours as well because of their cultural infrastructure.

The west will have lost its way because of the abandonment of its cultural infrastructure; The Chinese will lose their way because of their lack of cultural infrastructure. Kinda reminds me of the yin and yang thing.


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