If it isn’t important, why are they talking about it so much? – Tea Party Nation

In the last month, Donald Trump has flirted with running for President. He has attacked Obama over his eligibility and his polling numbers have sky rocketed. As Trump becomes a force to be reckoned with and is getting a strong response from the American people on that issue, the drive by media is now working overtime to assure us the “birther” debate is a hoax.

They tell us it does not matter. They tell us it has all been verified. They tell us we are wasting our time with the “birther” issue. They tell us it is not important.

If it isn’t important, why are they spending so much time on it?

USATODAY has been the leading cheerleader for the left on this one. Three days ago, they breathlessly editorialized that all of the birther myths had been debunked and even showed a photo of a two-year-old Barack Obama with the caption, he was born in Hawaii. To support that they linked to the “Fight the smears” website. Yes, that is Barack Obama’s website. Gee, what do you think his website would say?

They also linked to the liberal hack site, Factcheck.org, which amazingly enough is only cited by liberals as an authoritative source. Factcheck, with equal breathlessness announced the certification of live birth is real because it has a raised seal. Obviously they are too busy hyperventilating to realize the problems with the certification of live birth. For one thing, at the time, you could register a birth that did not occur in Hawaii at the time.

This is the document that George Stephanopoulos recently sprung on Michele Bachmann in a typical media “gotcha” moment, and got her to say, “well that settles it.”

No it doesn’t.

Take a look at the “certification of live birth.” It is a computer-generated document. It was printed out on a laser printer. I can guarantee you; laser printers did not exist in 1961. In other words, it is simply the print out of a computer record. It is not a birth certificate.

I have a birth certificate. It has, among other things, not only the vital details about my birth, but the hospital I was born in and the name and signature of the doctor who delivered me.

None of that is on Obama’s certification.

Why is the left so worried about this issue? There are a couple of reasons. First, it is an issue that could gain traction with the American people. If enough people have a reasonable doubt about Obama, they could vote against him. More likely, if Obama were forced to produce the birth certificate, we would find something really embarrassing there. Could it be there is something on that birth certificate that would destroy the myth of Barack Obama?

But there is a more serious issue. This is the Holy Grail. If the eligibility advocates are right and Barack Obama was never a natural born citizen and therefore, never eligible to be President, all of his actions as President are void. Every law he signed, including Obamacare is gone. Every judicial appointment, including his two Supreme Court appointments are gone. Every executive order he signed is gone. Regulations imposed by his appointees are gone too. This could wipe out the Obama regime. It could all but erase it.

One of my favorite sayings is, “It is not the chances of something happening, it is the consequences.” The left knows that. Which is why their media arm is working overtime to convince us that anyone who questions Obama’s eligibility is nuts.

If the question of Obama’s eligibility were all that unimportant, the media would not be spending all their time and resources trying to convince us otherwise.


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