Why Did Obama Throw Holder Under The Bus?

February 1, 2012 By Doug Book

It’s easy to tell when Attorney General Eric Holder is about to take part in another bout of prevarication before a congressional committee. Just look for a Friday night, White House sponsored, Department of Justice document dump.

This time the White House oversaw the release of some 500 redacted emails and other assorted tid-bits, designed as usual to lead House and Senate investigators precisely where the Obama Regime wants them to go in their investigation of the “gunwalking” Operation Fast and Furious.

And one of those emails makes it clear that Eric Holder’s DOJ aide, Monty Wilkinson received news of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder almost immediately after the December 2010 killing had taken place.

“Tragic,” Winkinson responded to December 15th emails from then Phoenix US Attorney Dennis Burke. “I’ve alerted the AG, the Acting DAG, Lisa, etc.”

And after asking Burke for any additional updates he might come across, Wilkinson received the following……“The guns found in the desert near the murder [sic] … officer connect back to the investigation we were going to talk about — they were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store.”

The “investigation,” Burke referred to was, of course, Fast and Furious.

Naturally this information goes even further in putting the lie to Holder’s May 4th testimony before Congressman Darrell Issa in which the AG claimed to have heard of Operation F&F only a few weeks earlier.

The question of course is: WHY? Why did the White House authorize, or rather undoubtedly TELL the Department of Justice to make such obviously incriminating documentation public?

Barack Obama is deliberately providing proof of what most already know—Eric Holder lied to Darrell Issa. But what does it gain the acting president to make his Attorney General a candidate for a Congressional charge of perjury? For clearly the Regime does nothing without first calculating the political advantage.

Some, like Mike Vanderboegh of the Fast and Furious story-breaking Sipsey Street blog believe the release of the emails was designed to put Holder in peril in order to preserve the safety of the White House and Barack Obama. “They’re protecting the White House and are willing to dispose of Holder to do it,” reasons Vanderboegh.

But there is another explanation for the behavior of the White House. Republicans have known of Eric Holder’s perjury for months. House and Senate committee members have listened as Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, FBI head Robert Moeller, Dennis Burke, former Phoenix ATF head Bill Newell and a host of others have lied their way through the proceedings.

Yet not one charge has been leveled against any of the people involved in the Fast and Furious related deaths of hundreds and breaking of countless United States statutes. Why should the release of a few more pieces of paper proving what investigators already know result in anything different now?

Barack Obama knows that, given the incomparable cowardice of Republican political elites, he could release a DVD of himself and Eric Holder shooting residents at an old ladies home and face nothing more serious than a moderately worded request that they use environmentally friendly ammunition in future!

But by releasing this damaging Fast and Furious information himself, Obama “one-ups” Republicans, quashing any headlines (however small) and making himself appear both honest and cooperative with congressional investigators.

And besides, if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell should shock everyone with a sudden attack of manhood, Barack will no doubt be happy to pardon Eric Holder after the election as his minions cry “racism” throughout the campaign.

Holder will testify before the House on February 2nd. We’ll find out if any Republican committee member has the courage to call him the liar he has been once again proven to be.


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