March 19, 2012
In an exclusive primetime report, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow followed U.S. government officials into Mexico where they were in the process of removing weapons grade nuclear materials from the country.

The weapons usable nuclear material was being moved out of Mexico as part of an initiative to secure loose nuclear materials throughout the world. The main focus of the operation was to move these materials into the United States before they could fall into the hands of terrorist organizations.

The operation was being conducted by the National Nuclear Security Administration who is responsible for tracking down loose nuclear materials and removing them from countries around the world. NNSA Threat Reduction Director, Sarah Dickson walked Maddow through the operational logistics as they were happening in Mexico.

MNBC was given unprecedented real-time access to film the sensitive operation. Maddow was allowed to film the Mexican nuclear plants, was allowed to touch the IAEA sealed nuclear materiel, and was even allowed to film the Classified Military Transportation of Nuclear Materials.

What I find most troubling, is the report seems to indicate that MSNBC was given sensitive logistical information on the timing and routes that the nuclear material would be taking into the United States. The report included footage of the nuclear materials being loaded on Air Force C17′s as well as footage of the materials being loaded into special cargo trailers for sea transportation.

Rachel Maddow Producer


Its one thing to release information to the press after the materials had been moved, but to give a news network detailed real-time information on the movement of radioactive materials is something that should raise a number of questions. To begin with, why was a news organization even allowed access to this information?

What if this information was leaked to a terrorist organization?
What was done to prevent this information from leaking outside of MSNBC?
What kind of National Security Clearance did the MSNBC reporter and her crew go through before being allowed access to such sensitive information?
Why would the administration allow a civilian news crew access to film the operation, and why would they be given detailed information on the transportation routes?


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