By Lee Duigon
March 22, 2012

I have a degree in Political Science; but I have no idea what to call government by the least capable, the least qualified, the least moral, and the least fitted to the task of governing. In other words, I never learned a technical term that would apply to the government of the United States today.

There’s a lot that goes on here, politically, that Political Science can’t explain. For instance, twice as many American voters identify themselves as “conservatives” as opposed to “liberal.” And yet for some reason the 20% of the electorate that identifies as “liberal” completely runs the show. In a representative republic, how can that be?

It is as if the American people have become irrelevant to the business of running the country. We don’t matter anymore. We hate Obamacare, and yet we’ve got Obamacare. We want to protect the institution of marriage, but our courts and media won’t let us. We hate high gas prices, but the people who run the country seem to love them. In overwhelming numbers we cry out against the crazy spending that’s pushing our country into oblivion; but it only seems to make our government spend more.

Most mystifying of all, we elected these people who are destroying us.

Everywhere you look, we get the opposite of what we want. We don’t want schools that teach our children to be numbskulls and libertines, but we’ve got ‘em. We don’t want colleges that cost a fortune in tuition and prepare the graduates to be convenience store clerks with advanced degrees in History or Women’s Studies; but that’s what we’ve got. We don’t want a lone, cranky atheist to be able to shut down our town’s Christmas parade—or at least force us to change its name to “Winter Festival,” conjuring up images of druids leaping over bonfires—but that’s what we get.

Was there ever really, truly, a groundswell among Americans for major league baseball players to appear in a film exhorting teenagers to stay with homosexuality because “It Gets Better” with time? Was there ever a demand for federal lunch-room police? Three out of four of us are Christians—and yet our president’s re-election campaign includes in its finances a million-dollar contribution from a “celebrity” whose whole schtick is to malign Christianity and Christians. Would a man who hates Christians fork over a million dollars to a politician who loves Christians? And how do Christian voters wind up with anti-Christian rulers?

Did we ever ask for Congress to pass 2,000-page bills that give government entry into all sorts of intimate areas of our lives—bills that no politician reads before voting to enact, bills written by nobody-knows-who, for the benefit of someone, somewhere, but not us? They do it, we yell and scream about it, and then they do it again.

Have we ever suggested that our dream in life is to work ourselves to death so that public employees can retire at 55 and bum around the Bahamas, buy a horse farm, or tour the French wine country on their pensions? Did we ask for the United Nations to monitor our elections to make sure we don’t interfere with the rights of dead people, felons, and illegal aliens to vote for Democrats?

How was it ever possible for the majority of the voters in a great nation to elect leaders who consistently act against the voters’ interest, who go out of their way to provoke them, honoring the things the voters hate and wiping their shoes on things the voters love? Or is it that all these leaders have to do is cobble together a coalition of “minorities” won over with entitlements and special favors, and—Presto! Suddenly the majority becomes, for all practical purposes, the minority inside its own country, and may be spat upon with impunity.

What ever happened to “Don’t Tread on Me”? Has the rattlesnake been skinned and made into a doormat?

Where is the Tea Party today? In 2010 the Tea Party rose up and took back the House of Representatives. The Tea Party marched in tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands—

And still, in spite of all that marching, we got Obamacare fastened around our necks like the collar of a slave. And still we’ve got the spending frenzy, the plotting and scheming against our liberties, the wholesale looting of America for the benefit of the political class and its trusty clients, and the utter degradation of what remains of our culture.

I’m a political scientist, and Political Science cannot explain why all these things are happening, or how they happen.

Can you?


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