Ponder these important questions.

While the majority of Americans are oblivious to the warning signs around them, recent actions taken by our government and the governments of other industrialized nations suggest The Powers That Be know very well where we’re headed. They are and have been taking steps for quite some time to prepare for what is coming next.

1. What is the purpose of the National Defense Authorization act unless they plan on indefinitely detaining American citizens without charge or trial?
2. Why does the President of the United States (and his proxies) have the ability order the assassination or execution of an American citizen, again without trial, charge or reason?
3. For what reason does President Obama’s ‘Doomsday’ executive order (National Defense Resources Preparedness) allow the seizure of food, land, energy resources and skilled laborers?
4. Why is the Pentagon actively war-gaming economic collapse scenarios and the civil unrest that would follow such an event?
5. With roughly 1 million active law enforcement officers in the United States, why is the US military training tens of thousands of personnel for domestic urban response, riot control and mass detentions?
6. For what purpose do we require some 30,000 armed surveillance drones over American cities?
7. Why has the Department of Homeland Security acquired in excess of 140 million emergency rations, over 450 million rounds of ammunition, bullet resistant checkpoint booths, and expedited the regionalization of supplies.

When it hits the fan, and things go critical, the recent actions of our government demonstrate that it is only capable of responding in one way – through brute force and tyranny.

Everything they have done in recent years with respect to liberty-restricting legislation, the militarization of our police forces and the expansion of the security industrial complex has been to prepare for the inevitable.

They already know it’s coming. They’re getting ready for it. You might want to consider doing the same.

Mac Slavo
April 6th, 2012


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