Antowann Davis could be Obama’s son you know?

Hate crime? Black 30 year old Antowann Davis takes butcher knife randomly stabs 29 year old Martha Jones at Target store in Dallas

obama-sonAntowann Davis could be Obama’s son you know? Like Trayvon Martin could have been? Only because he’s black like Martin, could Antowann Davis be Obama’s son. None of the recent victims of black hate crimes on whites ever are mentioned as possible Obama sons. Here is yet another hate crime that will get ignored by the national pink slime media. A 29 year old (white) Dallas women named Martha Jones was randomly singled out and stabbed with a butcher knife “allegedly” by 30 year old Antowann Davis. Court documents say Martha Jones lost a lot of blood after the stabbing and is still in the hospital., she was able to call for help and provide security a good description of the suspect. Dallas police arrested Davis a block away. This just adds to the string of black hate crimes on whites and Hispanics since the Trayvon Martin shooting that the pink slime media has ignored.

5 to 8 could be Obama’s sons attack white man leaving permanent damage to face while yelling TRAYVON – national media silent
Black male shoots and kills 29 year old ‘white-Hispanic’ Daniel Adkins who had mental capacity of a 12-year-old
Black mob beat white tourist in Baltimore – laughs and steals his belongings
Tyrone Woodfork accused of first-degree murder, severely beating an elderly couple – 85 year old female dies, 90 year old male dies days later
2 blacks attack Matthew Owens with chairs, pipes and paint cans, leaving him in critical condition then declaring “Now thats justice for Trayvon.”
Three blacks beat to death Marine and Iraq War Veteran
Two Virginia Pilot reporters attacked by black mob – paper covers up story for two weeks
Four blacks beat young U.S. Army soldier in South Tampa Florida


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