The future…..?

How technology will send you to hell in the FEMA camps

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By James Smith
9 Sept 2012

It’s 3:35 AM, and there is a pounding on your front door. Seconds pass and the door is kicked in. You scramble for your gun, but it’s too late. The Taser goes through your t-shirt as if it wasn’t there and you drop to the floor in an unnatural spasm.
Your family is marched outside to the street where your neighbors are. Some barely dressed, some still putting on shoes, and some, like you, are recovering from a megavolt of Taser love.
Armed soldiers, some with US flags, some with Russian or UN flags bark orders. In broken English, a Russian soldier tells you to hold still.
He puts a box to your face and you see a quick flash. Congratulations, your face and irises has been scanned and matched against millions of records. Driver license, Facebook photos, and images taken from street cameras have just identified you. Your fingers are scanned as well. Your entire life is on an electronic document somewhere and now it’s been cross referenced and your data collated into one file.

Everyone on the street receives the same treatment. Even the 3 month old baby from the neighbor across the street. All are equal in the eyes of martial law.
The grey FEMA buses roll onto your street and a man with a French accent orders people onto the bus. But only women and children in this bus. The men get the next one. The one with thick iron bars to stop escape.
Men on top of both buses are armed with UMP-40 machine guns. The ones they were trained with at the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
Each man carries 500 rounds of .40 hollow point rounds – part of the hundreds of millions of rounds paid for by the very people being rounded up.
Impossible you say, it indeed gets worse
From the bus, people are offloaded onto a field after a 2 hour bus ride. The crying of the children break the spirit of some women, and harden the resolve of others. Everyone knows this won’t end well.
Millions of Jews experienced the same nightmare, and so few survived to tell about the horror.
A large grey train can be heard in the distant and it slows down near the crowd. They were ordered to sit and the sexes were ordered to stay segregated.
A man looks furtively. A small fight breaks out a short distance away and the man runs away. The soldiers open fire and now they have one less person to feed.
There are twenty cars to this train. The men are loaded into the train first. When they get inside there are men already in the seats, chained to the floor.
No. This is not fiction from my dark mind. This is reality. This is a possible reality that faces all Americans.
Homeland Security has put in a special request to buy the Cross Match Seek II handheld biometric computers.
No bidding – just a “we’re buying it and you can’t say anything” sort of declaration.
Just how good is this biometric computer?

“The Cross Match livescan systems were purchased initially for the terrorist identification efforts in Afghanistan and have since been used for the same purpose in Guantanamo Bay. Additionally, the systems are used for other FBI deployments regarding related investigations. The functionality of the identity systems meets the requirements of the deployments.”
John Manzo
Project Manager, FBI Next Generation Identification Program Office

And the company, Cross Match technologies, loves to brag on their product:

SEEK II is the culmination of bringing core Cross Match technologies together. Combining forensic-quality fingerprint capture, rapid dual iris scan capability and innovative facial capture technology, SEEK II is a comprehensive biometric identity management solution.

Here are some photos. Remember what this thing looks like. You’ll be seeing it again soon.

And here is the video of this computer in operation:
“But this couldn’t happen” you scream at the screen.
Yes, it could. But if it makes you be able to get out of bed every day, you can deny the possibility. But to quote the last lines in an Extreme Tech article about the one billion dollar facial recognition system being rolled out by the FBI:

“Imagine if the NGI had full access to every driving license and passport photo in the country — and DNA records kept by doctors, and iris scans kept by businesses. The FBI’s NGI, if the right checks and balances aren’t in place, could very easily become a tool that decimates civilian privacy and freedom. Time to invest in a hoodie, I think…”


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