Obama Website Shows Blatant Racism In Latest Email Collection

obama biden 2012In one of the most blatant racist feedback forms put out by the Obama team, BarackObama.com is seeking to gather more emails for its ever growing list, as well as, noticeably eliminate particular people it apparently doesn’t want to associate with. Presumably, these are Americans who are considered “white” or “Caucasian.”
While the site claims that it is the people’s “hard work and passion” who supported Barack Obama that defined the campaign and re-elected him, missing from the “constituency group” that one identifies themselves with is either “White” or “Caucasian.”
Specific ethnic groups are listed such as African Americans (which I’ve always thought was a stupid way to identify someone, since if you live in America, you’re simply an American), Arab-Americans (same thoughts on that), Asian Americans / Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans.
All of these are not only ethnic distinctions, but the Obama administration considers them dividing points of “Americans.” Notice they did not consider Latinos to be “Hispanic Americans” or “Latino Americans.”
They did include other “constituencies” such as women, LGBT, people of faith, environmentalists, educators, students, youth and a variety of others including “rural Americans.”

Screenshot of the BarackObama.com website where “Whites” or “Caucasians” constituencies are noticeably absent.

Now why the form would include “women” under constituencies after the question prior was “gender” I can’t begin to explain, but it’s clear that Barack Obama is amassing a huge political database. It’s one that more than likely helped aid his campaign in mobilizing his supporters.Dr. Gary North points out that if and when he leaves office he will more than likely take this list with him, which will be worth millions of dollars. North writes, “My guess is this: the IRS will not assess him any capital gains tax when this very valuable asset gets transferred to him personally, assuming that it has not been transferred already.”
So it appears that Obama will not only be blatantly racist, but he’ll continue to be rewarded for it.
It isn’t as if we are not familiar that he and his VP are racists. All one needs to do is get a load of Joe Biden’s comments from the campaign trail as he declares that Republicans will “Put ya’ll back in chains,” or take a listen to Barack Obama’s own racist speech after praising his racist pastor Jeremiah Wright.
The question on my mind right now is with the recent attacks against Republican Senators over their questioning of the incompetence of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice and the subsequent attacks from Obama and members of the House of Representatives that have called them “sexist” and “racist,” why are there not outcries about blatant racism in this online form? Are people scared they’ll be labelled “racists?” News flash: We’ve already been labelled as “racists” and now it seems the Obama team doesn’t want to label people considered to be “white” at all. By the way, before you assume that no whites voted for Barack Obama you might want to look at the exit polls.


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