Is this blog being censored?

I’ve read stories about censorship by Google and Facebook and  wondered if what I’ve blogged might warrant such treatment.  My blogs content might be stepping on some toes, but reasoning that we are still a “free” country and the way a Democracy survives is through an informed electorate: I’ve tried to find news that would tell you, my dear reader, “the rest of the story”. The MSM is now largely owned by Gannett and may tailor the NEWS so it is just news. It appears likely that most of the content I publish is often omitted by the MSM today. This blog admires The Drudge Report and attempts to reblog the real news (with sources).

Here’s why I’m questioning Google censorship: Blogger pageviews by country now show nearly 23,000 with the alltime leader being the U.S. (7 to 1) over #2 Russia, but the new monthly figures show a 3 to 2 ratio. Now while that is interesting, what might surprise you even more is the Pageviews by Browser figure: the Alltime pageviews leader is Chrome at 38%, Firefox 27% and IE 22% (Opera shows 4%). However, the monthly figures show Opera leading with 31%, IE 29%, Firefox 26%  and Google’s Chrome browser with just 6%. I’m going to watch this surprising trend.  How could the Browser of choice of my readers – Chrome- go from a 38% share to 6% and Opera go from 4% to 31%? Pageviews reported per month average have declined, too. Now, one might think Google’s figures are flawed or the content of my blog is offending a censor somewhere in Blogland. Perhaps only Google readers are suddenly offended by my blog’s content, while Opera users love it.

My hope is to reblog real uncensored news to those who care about the future of our great nation. As a patriot admirer, amateur historian, and grandfather; I want our wonderful country to survive the dangers that are being conceived and acted on by some of our “leaders”. This is my small part.



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