The 16 Republican Traitors who are Helping to Destroy the 2nd Amendment

by John Galt
April 12, 2013 05:30 EDT

During the Revolutionary War one traitor, Benedict Arnold, almost destroyed the war effort against the British and changed the course of history. Yesterday 16 Republican traitors showed their true yellow bellied colors and demonstrated that they prefer their Imperial Roman Senate perks and profits over the United States Constitution and especially the 2nd Amendment with a vote to end a filibuster against the Senator Harry Reid sponsored gun control legislation.

The following men have no shame, no honor, and no business representing their states:

Lamar Alexander – Tennessee

Bob Corker – Tennessee

Kelly Ayotte – New Hampshire

Richard M. Burr – North Carolina

Saxby Chambliss – Georgia

Johnny Isakson – Georgia

Tom Coburn – Oklahoma

Susan Collins – Maine

Jeff Flake – Arizona

John McCain – Arizona

Lindsey Graham – South Carolina

Dean Heller – Nevada

John Hoeven – North Dakota

Mark S. Kirk – Illinois

Patrick J. Toomey – Pennsylvania

Roger Wicker -Mississippi

Apparently the cowards listed above have learned nothing over the last four or forty years, or are for sale. There is no other conclusion.


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