A staff member replied, “If it comes out, it comes out. Flush it.”

Group Shows Covert Video of a Bronx Abortion Clinic

An anti-abortion group that previously released several videotapes of undercover visits to abortion clinics released another video on Sunday of a staff member at a Bronx clinic describing late-term abortion procedures. The group likened the practices to those at the clinic of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia doctor charged with killing viable fetuses.
Lila Rose, president of Live Action, said the group would release more videos as part of its campaign against late-term abortions. Sunday’s video was shot at the Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center on Southern Boulevard in the Bronx. The release comes as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, has thrown his support behind legislation that will guarantee a woman’s right to an abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy, if her health is in danger or if the fetus is not viable. The current law permits abortion after 24 weeks only if a woman’s life is in danger, although it is not enforced because federal court rulings have allowed less restrictive late-term abortions.
“The gruesome and inhuman practices exposed in Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ are business as usual for the abortion industry in America,” Ms. Rose said in a statement, calling on the New York State Health Department to investigate Dr. Emily and other clinics performing late-term abortions. Both the Health Department and Dr. Emily center did not respond to requests for comment.
Live Action, based in Arlington, Va., has previously made covert videos at several Planned Parenthood clinics in New York and other states in an effort to cut off the organization’s government financing. On Sunday, the group posted two versions of its latest video, one condensed and one a few hours long.
When a pregnant woman posing as a patient asked what happens if the fetus accidentally “comes out” at home before the final procedure, a staff member replied, “If it comes out, it comes out. Flush it.”
The woman also asked what happens if the removed fetus is still “twitching” or “breathing.” The staff member said all aborted fetuses are placed in jars of solution and sent to a laboratory for weighing; if the fetus is still moving, “the solution will make it stop.”

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