Half Of Americans Want Obama Impeached (Including Democrats!)

High Crimes: Half Of Americans Want Obama Impeached (Including Democrats!)

Mac Slavo
May 20th, 2013

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Conservative think tank and media outlet WND conducted an independent poll overseen by research firm Wenzel Strategies asking Americans if they think President Obama should be impeached for the various scandals currently in the news – the specific targeting by the IRS of conservative groups and Obama enemies, the illegal wiretapping for personal gain of AP news journalists, and the cover-up of the events leading up to the death of four Americans in Benghazi ahead of the election last year.
A stunning 50% of Americans surveyed said yes. What’s more, a full 25% of democrats polled by the firm agreed. The poll has a margin of error of 4.36%.

“It may be early in the process for members of Congress to start planning for impeachment of Barack Obama, but the American public is building a serious appetite for it,” said Fritz Wenzel.

“Half or nearly half of those surveyed said they believed Obama should be impeached for the trifecta of scandals now consuming Washington.”
Actually, on the issue of the Benghazi scandal, where four Americans were killed when in what may have been a politically motivated series of moves, a surging danger to Americans at the foreign service facility there was ignored until al-Qaida-linked terrorists attacked, 50.1 percent of Americans said Obama should be impeached. That included 27.6 percent of the responding Democrats.
On the scandal of the Internal Revenue Service intentionally harassing conservative and Christian organizations? Forty-nine percent said they agree that impeachment is appropriate, including 24.4 percent of the Democrats.
And on the fishing trip the Obama administration took into AP reporters’ telephone records in search of something that may well have been done by his own administration, 48.6 percent impeachment is appropriate. That included 26.1 percent of the Democrats.
WND Poll

Is this the most corrupt administration ever?

Let’s see how I do with the list.

  • Fast And Furious (guns for drug lords, resulting in murder of Americans and Mexicans)
  • Robosigning (over 100,000 perjured affidavits filed in court cases)
  • IRS Tea Party and other group and individual abuse in direct violation of the law (politically-based harassment and now apparently-perjured testimony before Congress)
  • Money Laundering for terrorists and drug lords (by multiple large banks)
  • Intentional and unlawful destruction of property rights (GM bondholders screwed for political cronies in the UAW)
  • Intentional and unlawful destruction of your saved wealth (QE, QE2, QE3, QEinfinity, $1 trillion+ deficits, etc; Treasury and Federal Reserve actions)
  • Benghazi (apparent illegal arming of terrorists, then an attempt to reverse that leading to the attack on our CIA outpost and what appears to beintentional indifference and orders to stand down during the attack that had to come from the White House despite ability to respondthis amounts to conspiracy with the terrorists to kill Chris Stevens and the others who died.)
  • Swindles by the billions in countless schemes during the 2000s related to securitizations and other hinky deals (where despite black letter legal requirements for actual endorsement and delivery of documents banks simply did not comply and now argue there should be no penalty for not having done so, and that these defects are “mere procedural errors” despite intent to not comply.)  The result is that our land title system no longer has any resemblance of integrity.
  • Intentional destruction of anything approaching a “free market” for health care going back 30+ years and now compounded through active conspiracy by Obama and all of the political parties to grant, protect and enforce through government monopolies and cost-shifting resulting in cost escalations of 500-1,000% or even more against market prices and now, with Obamacare, abuse of the IRS tax power to force another 100% or more increase in those expenses down your throat for the express purpose of enrichment of those in the medical industry.

Source: Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker

This administration is involved in machinations and back-office deals that have not only cost Americans trillions of dollars in economic losses, but countless lives as evidenced by Benghazi and the Fast & Furious gun running operation.
As an American citizen you live under the rule of law; it’s a law that is supposed to apply to every one of us, equally.
If you forge signatures on official documents you go to prison.
If you fail to pay your taxes you go to prison.
If you attempt to hide money within our banking system you go to prison.
If you tap someone’s phone – or even attempt to record federal or state officials in public venues with your cell phone, they send you to prison.
If you knowingly sell guns to criminals you go to prison.
If you conspire to create a story and lie about your involvement in the murder of others you go to prison.
But if you’re an Obama administration official or have political and financial ties to the President, you have immunity or “Executive Privilege”.
This is NOT how our system of justice is supposed to work.
One set of laws for us – another set of laws for them.
There is only one solution – and it involves handcuffs… for a lot of people, from the President of the United States on down.
How 50% of Americans can sit idly by while their nation and their personal liberties are supplanted at every turn is beyond words.
Remember, impeachment does not mean the President would be kicked out of office. It means that he and his administration would be extensively investigated by independent prosecutors, questioned by Congress, and judged by the American people in a public forum.
To the question of “Should President Obama be impeached,” 100% of Americans should have responded with a resounding yes.
The integrity of the highest office in our land is being called into question – and half of our countrymen don’t care.
It’s a stark reminder of where we’re headed.


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