We have been im…

Why are we importing jihad invaders?

Exclusive: Pamela Geller calls for immediate halt of immigration by Muslims

Published: 20 hours ago author-image Pamela GellerWe have been importing jihadists for years now with Muslim immigration programs under the Refugee Resettlement program, diversity visas and religious visas. The Refugee Council USA says: “The U.S. has historically maintained a policy of admitting refugees of special humanitarian concern into the country.” Yet what that means in practice is very different from what most Americans would expect. It’s always a shock to people when they first find out how Refugee Resettlement works. Instead of giving refuge to the religious minorities that are persecuted, oppressed and subjugated under the Shariah, we are opening the floodgates to Islamic supremacists and jihadists.

And what most folks don’t know is that it’s the OIC-driven U.N. that decides who gets refugee status. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) determines which of the world’s “huddled masses” comes to the U.S. as humanitarian refugees. According to a 2008 report (and little has changed since then), “major refugee ‘hot spots’ include the Horn of Africa with Somalia, Darfur in the Sudan and Ethiopia, Iraq, Pakistan and Myanmar. The U.S. is the third-highest ranked country in terms of hosting refugees. The annual budget for the UNHCR is over $1.7 billion derived from government contributions, foundation grants and donations.”

Here’s the thing. Anthony Kimery reported in Homeland Security Today last week that “the threat of ‘homegrown’ and foreign jihadist groups and individuals plotting mass casualty attacks on U.S. soil has not weakened, despite degradation of al-Qaida Central (AQC). … Authorities said there is an exceptionally ‘heightened concern’ regarding intelligence that the successful radicalization of Muslims and new converts to jihad in the U.S. and throughout the West who’ve been involved in mass casualty plots and plotting has resulted in inspiring of a legion of ‘inspired’ new jihadists, many of whom are ‘quite willing’ to carry out mass casualty attacks, including suicide martyr attacks.”

This is a direct result of the huge influx of whole Muslim communities from jihad areas and nations into the U.S. since 9/11. The Obama administration is importing whole Muslim communities from Islamic countries like Somalia. The “diversity” immigration numbers are doubling, tripling in some months. This immigration must stop. Many of these devout Muslims do not assimilate. They agitate for jihad, and many return to Somalia (or Pakistan, Afghanistan) for training. Why are we importing hostile invaders?

We should be importing whole Christian communities or Hindu communities, etc., that are living (and dying) under the boot of the Shariah. I know several people (Jews among them) who are trying to get out of Europe and Canada, and they are prohibited from emigrating. These include the best of people, businessmen (who would bring jobs), doctors, etc. They have met years of red tape and denial. Further, I must field three or four emails a day from former Muslims in Egypt, Mauritania, Gaza, etc., begging me to help them escape their dangerous circumstances. Again, brick wall.

But jihadists with “insurgent histories”? Welcome. Why? “Refugee resettlement.”


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