Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey Indicted For Falsifying Zimmerman’s Arrest Warrant


I was angry when Corey – under tremendous pressure from Sharpton and other minorities – came to the podium during a press conference and essentially denied that the law was moved by political pressure, but by blind justice (my paraphrase). I was angry when she read and discussed the arrest warrant her office had created against George Zimmerman in which he is facing a 2nd Degree Murder charge. I was angry because in spite of any denials by Corey and others, it was patently clear that the arrest warrant came into being solely because of societal pressure. Had no one complained when Zimmerman was released by the police, we never would have heard of Angela Corey.

I also remember Alan Dershowitz being nearly livid during a TV interview. He had stated that there was nothing in the affidavit issued by Corey’s office that proved 2nd Degree murder. Not one thing, yet Zimmerman was going to be scapegoated for political gain.

But now, one year later, something has happened and it’s sure to be something that won’t sit well with Angela Corey. “The indictment accuses Corey of allegedly withholding photographs of Zimmerman’s head after the incident. Also, Corey allegedly falsely signed an arrest warrant under oath without including the pictures as evidence. Critics claim that Corey rushed the arrest warrant through because activists were rallying around the Trayvon Martin shooting, demanding that Zimmerman be charged with murder. Critics argue that Corey was attempting to secure a reelection with the support of the activists.

“Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that Corey’s actions were unethical and illegal.”

I feel no pity for people who deliberately obfuscate facts because it is politically expedient for them to do so and are eventually discovered because of it. Such is the case with Corey. As noted above, Corey deliberately appeared to withhold key evidence and then falsified everything by signing an arrest warrant under oath. In spite of her denials to the contrary, it appears that Corey did what she did to placate the activists who were screaming for Zimmerman’s blood. This is not justice! It is political correctness and we know that under political correctness, it is not justice that is sought, but “equality,” whatever that means.

Of course, we need to be clear here. This is a citizen’s grand jury and while the results of their findings may harm Corey’s career politically, it has no power to put her in a court of law that might result in a jail sentence. Citizens’ grand juries carry little weight, but they do make a statement.


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