Baby Adam’s Story: One Miracle after Another



Many people were touched by the story CBN News covered of baby Adam, who was born with severe deformities. Thanks to the love of total strangers, he has been given a second chance.

Still he faces more challenges.

When Adam was born in a Christian missionary hospital in India, his brain, heart, and lungs were healthy. But he was so deformed his family refused to take him home and even threatened to kill him.

That’s when Jessica and Raja Paulraj, two employees at the hospital, adopted Adam and quickly found Christians in America willing to help him.

One of them was Dr. John Van Aalst, a plastic surgeon at North Carolina Children’s Hospital, who spearheaded Adam’s treatment.

“Giving deeply, sacrificially, is one of the greatest God-sends that we can have in our lives,” Van Aalst said, explaining why he and others like him first got involved.

Now, a year and a half later, baby Adam is doing great. He laughs a lot, learns, crawls everywhere, and has a new brother, Elliot.

Raja said God gets all the glory.

“When I look back, I remember Romans 8:28, that all things work for good, and I think that’s true for me, Jessica, Adam, and Elliot,” he said.

Despite his progress, Adam still has some problems. For instance he cannot eat normally because he was born without the roof of his mouth. For that reason, he also cannot talk, even though he desperately wants to communicate.

Jessica said she sees his struggle every day.

“When you tell him to say something, though he can’t speak words, formed words right now, with his palette being open, so all the air just comes out more loosely and makes sounds rather than formed speech,” she explained.

Adam needs his palette repaired so he can talk and eat like a normal little boy.

Van Aalst said he’s a good candidate for the surgery.

“He should be able to speak understandably,” he said. “The first time he says ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy,’ I can just see Jessica and Raja breaking down in tears.”

Adam was supposed to have his palette repaired earlier this summer, but there simply wasn’t enough money to cover the surgery so it was postponed until Aug. 23.

Since Adam is a citizen of India, he does not have health insurance and University of North Carolina hospitals must charge for their services. So Adam’s parents are relying on donations to pay for their son’s treatment.

Raj is grateful for all the people who have offered their help so far.

“The needed money is $150,000,” he said. “We have close to $100, 000.”

The Medical Foundation of North Carolina set up a fund through which people can donate online through their page dedicated to Baby Adam’s story (Find the online giving link at the bottom of page). The website also lists a mailing address at the bottom for those who prefer to write a check.

The family has a website where people can follow Adam’s progress.


Celebrating Gayness and We All Have to Accept….Celebrating Christianity and It’s Too Offensive at Work or School – Clash Daily

Celebrating Gayness and We All Have to Accept….Celebrating Christianity and It’s Too Offensive at Work or School – Clash Daily.

“Christians are the problem,”

Christians are the problem,” yelled this public school teacher at our street team ministry. Help us to defend our First Amendment rights.

How long will we put up with the leftist assault upon the youth of America?

At first, they took prayer out of the public schools.

Then, they jammed sex ed down kids’ throats.

Now, they’re attacking us on the streets.

It’s come to the point where a public school teacher who claimed to teach the Constitution screamed and attacked two of our street team ministers just a few weeks ago north of Miami. She unleashed a mouthful of swear wordsthat would make a sailor blush, and summed it up by delivering a few whacks from her purse.

Click for video of the attack.

Never, never — shame on you! Never put Christianity in public schools,” bawled the irate woman, who lurched toward You Can Run staff members Elizabeth and Chase, swinging her large purse.

What enraged this woman?

Simply a sign on a literature table in front of a gas station that read, “Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers.”

In fact, the woman bellowed, “Shame on you for wanting Christianity in schools.” She barked at our staffer Elizabeth, saying that she was a “bigot,” belching that “Christians are the problem.”

What? Christians are the problem?Something you might expect from a Siberian re-education camp in the old Soviet Union.

No, it’s happening right here on our own streets. If your thoughts of a public school teacher are that of a charming old school marm with her hair tied in a bun, sternly admonishing her students to take to heart the Bill of Rights, you’ve got another thing coming. On the contrary, our schools today foist upon our children a caricature of a world without God, without morals. Teachers fall far short of handing on the proud traditions of America’s founding with its passion for liberty. No wonder why so many of our young find no meaning in life,or turn to lifestyles of pleasure or even helplessness.

Do you want your child or grandchild to be taught by this Florida teacher, or one of her cohorts?

Let’s give youth the best of our American tradition.